With more than 10 years of experience in covering holidays and special events on the island, Bernews is able to offer unique sponsorship opportunities that combine unmatched news coverage with your business’ brand.

Whether it be a holiday, major weather event, or other happening on the island, Bernews is happy to offer the opportunity for businesses to sponsor our coverage, with a long list of benefits for your advertising campaign.

We’re always flexible in designing sponsorship packages, giving you the opportunity to have input into how and where your branding is seen, but all of our major sponsorship campaigns include ad placement in our Top Sitewide Banner position, which shows at the top of every page on the Bernews website, with that alone giving you unprecedented exposure to each and every reader that visits, whether for the special event coverage or general news.

Combined with exposure on our network websites, sponsoring our coverage of a special event gives you the ability to have your brand seen by people across the island and around the world!